If you’re feeling stressed, you’re not alone.

A lot is happening in the world right now, and if you’re feeling stressed, you’re not alone. There are plenty of coping strategies that people have learned for managing anxiety, such as going to the gym or seeing friends. However, because of COVID-19 safety measures, these normal activities may not be possible. Restrictions on our usual activities coupled with current events has left many of us feeling more stressed than usual.

Increased feelings of stress and anxiety can lead to increased alcohol and substance use, particularly since participating in normal activities may not be possible right now.

What is binge drinking?

Take care of your mental health.

If you find yourself drinking more in response to feeling overwhelmed, there are steps you can take to take care of your mental health:

  • Take a walk, or spend time exercising outside
  • Take time to breathe deeply, stretch, or meditate.
  • Eat healthy, well-balanced meals.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Make time to unwind, and try to do activities that you enjoy.
  • Connect with friends and communities as you can.
Why is binging risky?

Support Systems

Other support systems you can access are:

Hew Hampshire Resources

You are not alone. You are never far from help. The Doorway connects you to help and services in NH for substance use.

2-1-1 NH is the connection for NH residents to the most up to date resources they need from specially trained Information and Referral Specialists.

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