Everybody has a reason for not wanting to overdo it when they drink…

…that is what Binge-Free 603 is all about.
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Young adults in New Hampshire have many reasons why they don’t get wasted when they drink alcohol, whether at home, at a party or an event, or out with friends. Binge-Free 603 is their chance to share their reasons for making sure they remember the night, and what they would lose if they didn’t drink responsibly.

How do we actually define “binge drinking”? Should you be concerned? Learn more here.

Binge drinking
Binge-Free 603 is about drinking moderately and responsibly. It’s about not going overboard, by taking steps to monitor your drinking so you don’t end up disappointing or hurting yourself, or screwing up something you care about. Find out why young adults all around New Hampshire are keeping an eye on their drinking.

What's Their Reason?
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