Thinking about sobriety? Want to make a healthy lifestyle change?

There are many reasons why many people decide their current relationship with alcohol just isn’t working anymore. Maybe they want to feel less anxious and more energetic, spend less money, or improve their overall health. Regardless of your reason, if you’re thinking about cutting out alcohol, Binge Free 603 has resources to support you.

Quarantine Life

Let’s face it: this is a weird time. A lot about our lives has changed. Instead of meeting up with friends at a bar, we’re scheduling Zoom hangouts. Live concerts have been replaced with YouTube videos on repeat. Our thumbs hurt from endless scrolling on social media. The list goes on.

Many people report turning to alcohol during times of uncertainty or stress, it’s pretty normal. However, drinking can actually make you feel more stressed or sluggish, resulting in an endless cycle of overdoing it with alcohol then feeling anxious.

It’s your choice. However, more and more adults are choosing to skip alcohol and connect with friends in different ways, like socially distanced hikes or virtual book clubs.

Curious About Sobriety

Dry January

Site and and app for a one-month booze-free challenge

Young People In Recovery

Values community by creating welcoming spaces for people in or seeking recovery and their allies.

Recover Together

A Google initiative

Rise Together

Engages young people through education, awareness, and outreach

Alcohol-Free Quarantinis

There’s only so much water you can drink per day. Upgrade your beverage game with a mocktail (or two) and wake up without a hangover, feeling victorious. Look out, Tom Brady, there’s a new health god in town.  Find the recipes here.

Additional resources:

Go Sober for October

Find inspiration in this U.K. campaign designed to raise money while cutting back on alcohol during October.

More than Curious

If you’re sober curious or looking for information or help about a drug or alcohol issue, we have resources and materials that can help.

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