Thinking about sobriety? Want to make a healthy lifestyle change?

There are many reasons why young people in New Hampshire have decided their current relationship with alcohol just isn’t working anymore. Maybe they want to feel less anxious and more energetic, spend less money, or improve their overall health.

What does it mean to be sober curious?

To put it simply, being sober curious means that, while you might not be willing, ready, or planning to give up alcohol indefinitely, you’re reconsidering your relationship with alcohol and how it fits into your life. That could look like intermittently cutting it out, changing your habits around drinking while still occasionally partaking, or abstaining from drinking without a specific end date or plan in mind.

“Being sober curious means, literally, to choose to question, or get curious about, every impulse, invitation, and expectation to drink, versus mindlessly going along with the dominant drinking culture.” – Ruby Warrington, Author of Sober Curious: The Blissful Sleep, Greater Focus, Limitless Presence, and Deep Connecting Awaiting Us All on the Other Side of Alcohol.

Whether you found yourself turning to alcohol more during the recent times of uncertainty or stress (cough, cough, COVID), have always been a social drinker, or are worried about how alcohol may be affecting you, sober curiosity is not about sobriety. The choice is always yours.

Regardless of your reason, if you’re thinking about cutting out alcohol, Binge-Free 603 has resources to support you.

Resources for Those Curious About Sobriety or Taking Breaks from Alcohol

Dry January

Site and and app for a one-month booze-free challenge

Go Sober for October

A cancer fundraiser developed in the U.K. that encourages cutting back on alcohol during the month of October.

Young People In Recovery

Values community by creating welcoming spaces for people in or seeking recovery and their allies.

Recover Together

A Google initiative


A membership-based company focused on mindful drinking.


A charity based in the UK that aims to reduce alcohol-related harm by helping people make better choices about their drinking.

Nonalcoholic Alternatives and Mocktails

There’s only so much water you can drink per day. Upgrade your beverage game with these nonalcoholic suggestions or skip the substitutions and simply indulge in a mocktail (or two) and wake up without a hangover, feeling victorious. Look out, Tom Brady, there’s a new health god in town. Find our favorite mocktail recipes here.


More than Curious

If you’re more than sober curious, looking for more information, or seeking help about a drug or alcohol issue, we have resources and materials that can help.